1960 Seravesi
The company was born as BSB, of the Seravesi brothers in 1960.

In 1964 the company was transformed into


Sertom Srl being the initials of the surname and name of the founder SERavesi TOMmaso.

In 2000 Tommaso decides to make a partnership with a company that builds hydraulic parts.
This is how Sertom MM spa was born.

In 2001 Paolo, Tommaso's son, joined the company and in 2015 he decided to found a new company.

The know-how, the fundamental people, a series of new, young and innovative people will be the founding elements.

He calls the new company with the date of its foundation and the name of the family, was born then the 1960 Seravesi
1960 Seravesi

  • 1960 Mr SERAVESI open the company
  • 1964 First complete bodied plate bending machine with electrical control panel
  • 1972 TATA STEEL purchase a 3 rolls plate bending machine 5000x50 (still working)
  • 1975 First hydraulic 3500x90 mm 3 rolls pyramidal plate bending machine sold to AT&F Inc. USA (still working)
  • 1976 First 6 meters plate bending machine
  • 1978 First Variable Geometry plate bending machine in ALL OVER THE WORLD
  • 1980 HYUNDAI purchase a 3 rolls pyramidal plate bending machine 4000x110
  • 1982 DAEWOO purchase 3 rolls pyramidal plate bending machine 4000x160
  • 1998 Giant 3 rolls variable geometry 3000x180 sold in Italy
  • 2004 First variable geometry plate bending machine for the WIND TOWER business
  • 2007 TATA STEEL purchase a second machine, a variable geometry 3000x80 plate bending machine
  • 2010 Our 50 ANNIVERSARY ad a second giant machine 4000x190 again for AT&F Inc USA
  • NOWADAYS Seravesi is a modern company that relies on the new technologies for the design and production of the machines
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